Kylie Jenner’s net worth is five million dollars. She can afford injecting kylie-jenner-amas-2014-1416788840her lips every morning and surgically enhancing her body. Whereas, you can not. Congratulations! You took the ‘Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge’ and failed miserably because Kylie Jenner doesn’t use a shot glass to insert her lips into to make them big, and lets not forget swollen and red. Don’t worry, it isn’t permanent so you can get out of your house after a day or two unless you want to look like a swollen mouthed duck in public.

I wouldn’t deny that some of her dresses  may be unique (I like unique), I mean, who else can carry of wearing a ‘sanitary pad’ dress? However, having all the money in the world, her looks are still so monotonous that all her pictures look the same with the fake tan, nude lipstick and perfect contouring.

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1 mill in 1 week 😳

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Now give it a thought, she doesn’t deserve to be called a trend setter, does she? Lack of originality and stealing style from her friend, Heather Sanders, Kylie sure has created a statement by copying the arched brows, matte lipstick, similar outfits (also from Heather’s store: Sorella boutique) and of course, the dyed hair. In 2014, Heather chopped of her hair into a bob and coloured it blue, soon copied by Kylie. Kylie also added extensions to her hair when Heather did. I suggest you go compare their Instagram accounts!


Kylie Jenner, despite all this, according to me, is one of the most gorgeous surgically altered seventeen year old I have come across, kudos to that!