Three things we want our outfits to look? Chic, classy and costly. No matter where you purchase your clothes from, you want them to look high end and expensive. Very often, even designer clothing tends to look ragged and frumpy if the size is wrong or material is of poor quality. So, while you purchase outfits on a budget, make sure the products check all the recommendations below to look more expensive.

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Choose Neutrals

Neutrals such as white, black and nude are a sure shot way of making your outfit look luxurious and smart. They are transitional and hence, will work with every other item in your wardrobe.

Wear Monotonal Fits

Wearing shades of a single colour head to toe is a no brainer to look more expensive. Personally, I opt for neutrals since they are more versatile. If you love colour, worry not! Head to toe blue or pink can also look expensive when styled with white sneakers and gold chains.

Iron Your Clothes

My biggest pet-peeve! From seeing influencers in wrinkled outfits to friends wearing the most fab unironed clothes, I promise that this is the most ignored method which makes you look unkept. Learn from their mistakes and iron your clothes, kids!

Always look back in your wardrobe and only shop for the essentials and seasonal staples in order to get the most wear out of it.

Layer Accessories

If you’re an avid reader of my blog, you know I usually recommend opting for gold accessories. However, silver has its own charm. Layer chains of varying sizes to elevate your outfit and make it look more luxe. Wearing delicate rings is another way to add metallic accents to your outfit.

Sustainable doesn’t have to be boring. Introduce some eco-conscious staples to your wardrobe to feel less guilty about your shopping habits and, simultaneously, make the world a better place.

Tailor Your Trousers

Jeans and trousers often run long. My recommendation? Get them tailored to fit your height perfectly. As a result, you will look well put-together and makes the outfit look a lot more expensive and well fitted.

Use Hairspray

Bad hair days? Frizzy hair? In a rush? Another way to make your ensemble look cool and chic is tying your hair in a sleek ponytail or bun using hair spray to avoid loose strands and frizz. This instantly gives you a clean look no matter what you wear.