Peak shaadi season is just round the corner and what better time to invest in some key pieces to get you through all those formal wedding receptions. I like to be at my a-game at every function of the wedding festivities and always have some interested fusion or traditional outfits ready for them. Living in India, my biggest obstacle lies in finding good occasion wear. While I do enjoy designing my own outfits from scratch, I do wish someone had shared with me these recommendations sooner. Get ready, because now you get a peak inside my secret list of evening wear designers!

TIP ONE: Suit Up, Literally

The smartest and easiest way to get through the night with all the dancing and fun is opting for a pant suit! I can confidently say you’ll be the one standing out amongst both, men and women. May it be a solid coloured pant suit, insure it is well tailored in an interesting style to suit the occasion. I’d opt for a richly embroidered blouse or structured top to wear on the inside to add that extra glam to the outfit. Nothing is bolder than the power-suit

TIP TWO: Shorter The Better

A formal mini or midi dress is the most versatile. An outfit you might spend a lot on but can still repeat! Who knew that was possible? I’m in awe of the Herve Leger midi dresses that go a long way in moulding to your body and giving you the most flattering shape. But they just might not be apt for our Desi receptions. Opt for one of the below designers to make it trendy and dressy!

TIP THREE: Play It Safe

You can never go wrong with a classic evening gown. The gown is probably one of the few pieces in fashion that has stuck through time and still constantly evolves. Find your latest trends inspiration on Pinterest and ensure you are on point with your outfit. Pick an interesting style, add a little slit to flaunt those legs and you’re sorted!