The new year is coming and it’s time you start looking for your NYE outfit. You can wear something with a nice style, may it be an asymmetrical back or a laser cut dress. But you definitely do not want to look like you belong in 2012 so stand clear of these three styles and you’re good to go.



The most overdone and annoying style for me is a crop top, especially when worn with some plain jean, shorts or a skirt. It’s old. GET OVER IT! I get that you have big boobs and a tiny waist that you want to show off, but I am so done seeing you in it. Learn to experiment. And if you can’t part with your crop tops, style it differently with fabrics such us velvet, lamé and brocade. You can even go indo-western with it.



Wearing a peplum this NYE would definitely be a sin. It was hard enough to see people wearing it at last year’s. There is no way around it. Ditch your peplum skirts, dresses and pants for something more classic or unique and daring.



Mirror mirror on the world. Who is the brightest of them all? ME. Because I definitely ain’t wearing sequins and glitter this New Year’s eve. I suggest you stay clear of it as well. I’m pretty sure this trend began with all those Hollywood and Bollywood actresses wearing it. The way it looked on them is different from how it looks on you, considering the lighting and effects. I’ve not seen a single movie recently with the actress wearing sequins or shimmer so now you don’t have to wear it anymore either. Hoorah!


I really hope y’all follow my advice and I suggest you come up with something new, different and very YOU for this new years eve (and every other party this December). Stay tuned for my next post, giving you guys outfit inpso for December parties.