Following up with the previous Story, I want to give you some outfit inspiration for New Year’s Eve this year without crop tops, peplums and shimmer. Don’t worry, you can still shine amongst all the other monotonous and boring outfits.

With only a week to for for nye, here are some quick suggestions:

  • Wear a pinstriped look, may be a matching skirt and a top or a well-tailored blazer with pants.
  • Metallics are going to be the definition of the coming season so why not start the new year with metallic finishes or metallic details. This way, you can have that little shine without the overdone sequins.
  • Another alternative for sequins would be pearl detailed outfits.
  • Modesty is always attractive. So why not pair up a leather pencil skirt with a satin blouse for a classy and elegant combination.
  • Wear denim! May it be with prints on denim or a metallic finish or pastel colours on denim.
  • If you’re going for the classic LBD, make sure you choose a different style that would help you stand out.

Hope this helped you guys. You can mix and match from your own wardrobes and come up with something stunning. Have a great night and see you in 2016!