London definitely feels like home to me. After living there for three years, I’ve come to know the city quite well. It’s also the only place where I managed to stay disciplined and wake on time to eat a good breakfast! Find my favourite breakfast spots in the city, definitely a must try if you’re in London.

Chiltern Firehouse

Good old Chiltern is my top pick for a hearty breakfast. From the most fabulous eggs royale to the classic pancakes, you can enjoy it all here! If the weather permits, I’d recommend sitting in the outdoor section under their canopy and soak in the sun, green and morning goodness!

Drake and Morgan

Fancy some bacon and maple syrup with your pancakes? This is the place to be if you’d like a good cup of your favourite cafe latte and have a chat with your friends! Mind you, Drake and Morgan can get quite noisy in the mornings. The space is huge but the tables are always full!

Duck and Waffle

Not a big fan of this all day dining restaurant, but it definitely makes the list for its breakfast. Early mornings, amazing views and the best poached eggs on waffles. What more could you want for a pre-work catch up with your girls?


If the sun is out, go for a healthy meal to Farmacy followed by a nice walk around Notting Hill. Dive into the organic eating trend with all your delicious breakfast picks, only healthier! This place is a definite must-must.


Another organic eating spot, run to Daylesford Cafe in Notting Hill for a quick soulful breakfast! A small farm shop and cafe in London, it is an organic farm, spa and restaurant in Gloucestershire that is a must visit if you’ve got the time on your hands.

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