A luxury product is frequently defined as one of quality, exclusivity and long-term value. While this may be subjective, luxury shopping gives us all some level of happiness, and if you are like me, a sense of achievement. The accomplishment felt while purchasing one’s first luxury item is insane! Of course, you should always save for your dream home, car and build yourself the lifestyle you want but owning an investment luxury bag is no lesser a dream. If you could own only one luxury bag, these are the ones you must opt for!

Fendi Baguette

From its rise to fame in the Sex and the City to this very moment, this bag has truly always been in. Mind you, even the vintage ones hold value and add a casual yet refined touch to your outfit! With over 1000 styles having been created since the inception of the bag, your best bet to find a one of a kind piece is on The Real Real, an American vintage and pre-owned e-commerce site.

Chanel Classic Flap

Did you know? The CC turnlock logo was designed by Coco Chanel herself but the update to the 2.55 bag with the logo closure was actually reimagined by Karl Lagerfeld.

FYI, the price of this bag has been increasing year on year, and this year it’s seen the biggest jump to £5300 ($6500). Buying this bag in excellent pre-owned condition holds value and will still give you that same return on investment if you choose to resell at some point. Find the best deals on The Real Real and What Goes Around NYC. From linens and sequins to the classic caviar, this is the one investment piece every girl dreams of having in her closet. I particularly have my eyes on the pre-2009 Classic Flap bags because the hardware is made of 24ct gold.

Christian Dior Lady Dior

This bag may not be as popular as the other two on Instagram, especially with the Saddle and Bobby still making a wave, but it’s proven to be a classic, more so than the others. I particularly love the MyABCDior collection nude and pink pastels. I am all for anything personalised! Opt for the mini Lady Dior for a versatile piece that would look absolutely stunning with your embroidered saree or that smart power suit.