I saw someone I know wear something the previous week and it just set me off for various reasons. Eventually, I realised it is high time I address my biggest pet peeves in regards to the fashion industry. While all of the below do annoy me personally, I won’t be surprised if most of you agree with me but would never say it out loud to your friends in risk of sounding (excuse my language) bitchy, I guess?


Girls getting their friends to click them in a basic crop top and shorts, uploading the pictures to Instagram and then proclaiming themselves to be a ‘model’. I would rather these girls work harder and be more creative to get recognised on social media if that is where they want to be found to create a career in the modelling world.


Influencers who do not stay true to their style in the name of free clothes and some green bills. While I understand he or she may have their personal reasons, I believe that if you are passionate about something, you won’t let the rest affect you, hence preventing yourself from becoming like any other mainstream commercial blogger who may only want more followers and likes on social media.


When men where shoes too big for them and try to make up with the thickest socks. Trust me, I have seen many do this! When women wear heels too big or small with them. You are eventually going to trip and regret it.


When men or women follow trends that they would normally not identify with just for the sake of a good Instagram picture to look very stylish and on-trend. Recently, it has been the clear aviator glasses with the gold rim. Just because Kendall and Bella wear them, you don’t have to too!


The worst, for me, is when I see influencers wear wrinkled clothes. There is a reason you are an influencer and I know you are human, but at least do not make your clothes look like they are bad quality, after you may have spent a bomb on it.