Dress like Monroe

Well, I’ve already established that Marilyn Monroe was a style icon to me. But one certainly can not dress like her and yet expect to look good as they ignore their body type and what would suit them. This is a mini guide on how to dress like Monroe to compliment your own body shape. Wear these outfits and paint your lips red. You’re ready!


A ruler body shape is one which is uniform through with a bust and hip girth almost the same. Hence, I’ve tried to create curves through this outfit. The long high-waisted pencil skirt with the white shirt would make the body appear slim, giving slight volume to the torso as the shirt is loose. The brown belt would not only bring attention to the tiny waist and give a curvaceous look but also breaks the muted tones. The nude heels would make the legs look longer and slimmer. The pink bag would emphasise the hip area. Overall, such an outfit would make the ruler type body shape like an hourglass. Suitable for brunch, tea and can pass as work wear too.


Monroe had an hourglass body. I envy those who have a balanced body type, with the bust and hip girth similar. This is a classic outfit consisting of the LBD. The sweet-heart neckline is very Marilyn Monroe as here, it allows little cleavage to be seen. The nude peep-toes have slight detailing making the outfit elaborate while the diamond necklace adds some sparkle, taking it from simple and boring to fancy and sexy.


The aim of this outfit is to create a balance. This body shape is heavy on the bottom, mainly the hip area. Having a pear shaped body myself, I have a hard time choosing clothes that would compliment my body and make me look less heavy. Monroe wasn’t seen wearing wrap skirts very often but she looked stunning in them in the movie, Niagara. The asymmetrical wrap skirt would decieve other to believe you have slimmer bottom with longer legs as it draws attention away from the thighs to the lower part of the skirt. The dark solid colour also makes you look less heavy around the hips. Now, to create a balance and draw attention away from the hips, I’ve paired the skirt with largely printed crop top in lighter base tone. The sweet-heart neckline would emphasise on the breasts. The crystal ear cuff add some bring and draw attention to the face while the nude heels makes your legs appear longer. You’re all set for a fancy brunch or an evening at a bar with this outfit.


This body type is the opposite of a pear. Here, you’re heavy at the top and have to draw attention to your slender legs. Monroe wore a lot of lace and floral, making her look feminine despite her super curvaceous body. A v-neck top is suitable as it points downwards and doesn’t fully cover your neck area, making you look less busty. These printed mid-waisted shorts draw eyes to the hip area, away from the torso. Wearing chunky bracelets or bangles would also highlight the lower body. Ballet flats were often seen on Monroe when she wore casual outfits.

I hope this post also helped you understand how to dress for your clothes to flatter your body. If you need advice choosing an outfit for yourself for any occasion, you can email me at anisha@fillingblanks.com or leave a comment.