Style it like Monroe


b024d2ff8e34bee9ae1853dd84903515Marilyn wasn’t the only beautiful woman to garner the Hollywood spotlight and she may not have been the most accomplished actress. Her scandalous affairs may not even be worth mentioning 7de859accd69fb1a64d3f030e0c9db1fagain compared to today’s standards. However, nobody can turn a blind eye to her pink satin Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend outfit, the pleated white dress that surged skyward in The Seven Year Itch, or the revealing sheath worn to sing Happy Birthday to President John F. Kennedy. Besides creating perennial, remarkable looks amid the 1950s-a time of Peter Pan collars, poodle skirts and quelled sexuality-Marilyn’s capacity to spot cutting-edge designers made her a visionary of fashion. No wonder we see girls and women all around the world impersonating her on Halloween nights and at costume parties. Marilyn Monroe no longer remains the name of an actress, but is now, due to her style, a brand.

Although she is considered a plus sized woman, she wasn’t. She was a curvy bombshell of only about 5 feet, 4 inches, whose body must be envied even by Kim Kardashian and Beyonce. Monroe embraced her body shape and wore clothes that flattered her, never being caught in baggy clothes.

Marilyn had a signature style. Monroe wore plunging necklines and never shied away from baring1532fa06795fd824cd2758ca45d39cdc just enough skin to look feminine. I have not found a single image of her where she looks slattern and unattractive. Even today, a simple halter dress or a pencil skirt reminds me of her. I’m definitely not advising you to wear such clothes as it may not suit your body type, but you should wear something you’re comfortable and confident in.Often seen wearing red lipstick, Monroe exuded confidence. She balanced the look with muted toned ensembles. Marilyn’s appeal was heightened by the short platinum blonde locks that she preferred over long hair. She had a natural and a radiant appearance as she embraced every imperfection, even the black mole on her face

c2971ded184019fcf93712cee2b1de75Monroe was always seen wearing some blingy accessory, mostly diamonds, or the other. And when she couldn’t find a suitable diamond accessory for her outfit, she put on a tiara. She wore belts that only enhanced her tiny waist, making her look shapelier. Monroe also revolutionized the peep-toe, may it be sandals or six-inch pumps.

Although Marilyn’s style looks effortless, such tiny details tell us the amount of thought that was put into her ensembles to make her look sensational every time she was photographed.