Who is SHE ?

2c02243d2b8ab3673fab615f3500ca92She was more than the sex symbol she is known to be. She was Norma Jean Baker, a woman who defied rules and transformed herself into a pop icon called Marilyn Monroe.

Brought up as an orphan and assaulted by her aunt’s son at a young age, Monroe had a rough start to life. Despite this, she began her career in 1946 by bleaching her hair blonde, modelling bathing suits and posing as a pin up girl, keen to enter the glamorous film industry. She was picked and dropped by several production houses, yet she was quite popular amongst men from the very beginning of her career. She was married and divorced thrice, including being in wedlock with the famous playwright, Arthur Miller. She had affairs with several men such as moguls like Joseph M. Schneck and eminent personalities like John F. Kennedy. She was no dumb blonde. She had enrolled at UCLA and had over f4eb40e68f394eac2bdda8c6891d027c400 books in her library, most of which she had read. Also, those of you who quote Marilyn Monroe should know that she hasn’t actually said most of those quotes.

Monroe became a star in 1953 after the release of her movie, Niagara, and enjoyed her brief period of fame and success until she died in August, 1962. She was also the first female producer. Throughout her life, she inspired many with her distinctive style and confidence, on and off the silver screen. While Monroe is considered a pop icon, Norma was said to be a lonely, grieving girl. However, I truly believe that Norma was a beacon of courage as she adapted to her new identity and the glitterati that came with it, pursuing what she loved to do as she broke through barriers of her past.