I have never regretted any decision until I decided to highlight my hair on a whim. Sure, the colour looked gorgeous and I felt like I had a makeover from one of your typical chick flick movies. However, my hair quality was vastly affected, resulting in frizzy uncontrollable curls. Having always had naturally poker straight hair, I have since been very paranoid about my hair. Along the way, I have learned how to tame my hair and keep it healthy. Find my top three tips for managing your colour damaged hair!


All those 90s television commercials of the mother oiling the daughter’s hair suggesting it gives you longer thicker hair is not a complete myth. Right after colouring my hair, I went to the Maldives so my hair became unmanageable due to the chlorinated pool water and the salty sea. To top it off, Bombay humidity did not help either. Oiling my hair alternately with coconut oil and Vitamin E oil once a week has not only nourished my hair, but also helped me with protecting it from all the heat styling.


From never having to pick up the hair straightener to using it almost thrice a week, I was only damaging my hair more. Colour damaged hair will make your heat styling tools your best friend. Let your hair breathe and just be! But, if you do tend to go out often and need to heat style your hair to look fairly more presentable, make sure you use a heat protection spray to keep the hair healthy.


Book hair cut appointments regularly for those trims in order to avoid the damage at the ends of your hair to move upwards. While this does not particularly strengthen your hair, it prevents it from further damage. So whenever the tips of your hair have split ends or seem too dry, you know it’s time for a salon session.