Initially, I would write whole heartedly about anything and everything. After a while, my ideas of everything fashion was very constrained by what was socially accepted. I believe my writing lost its charm due to various reasons. I would constantly be compared to other bloggers who were more commercial and would often post images of themselves in various outfits. A sense of competition grew in me and I shall admit I suddenly cared and was influenced by others opinions of my blog. I guess I forgot the very reason I started FILLING B L A N K S. Due to this, I lost interest and had a writing block.

However, over the last one and a half year of this blog, I believe I also had positive influences around me where I not only developed as a person, my style and sensibilities evolved too. While I achieved ten thousand views in a day and a million views in less than a year, I also lost the essence of my blog along the way. Hence, I decided to make considerable alterations to the blog to reflect who I am now.

I hope you continue reading and would love to receive any sort of criticism. I appreciate all the love and support I have gotten on this journey. A special shootout to my friends and family, you know who you are.


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