I have always hated using make up. Foundation was always considered sticky, lipstick made my lips dry, eye shadow made my eyes look ugly and eye liner was just a painful process. As a young girl who was always dancing at shows, there was no way that I was permitted to go on stage without make up. I was forced down on a chair by friends while my mother applied make up on my face. Well, roles have been reversed and now, my mum complains about me wearing too much make up for 3 minutes straight before every party. Honestly, I agree with her to some extent because I suck at applying make up.

Anyway, when I first came to London, I used to apply foundation, blusher, mascara and tinted lip balm religiously, Even that was going overboard for me. However, since the start of 2016, I decided to go natural (not natural looking made up face but sans make up). It has not only helped my skin look cleaner and clearer, but I feel like I can breathe without looking ugly by the end of the day with the make up and the sweat from standing in the tube.

Despite this, I can’t deny that I have a liking for make up infrequently. I stick to basics such as foundation, blusher, highlighter (on occasion), eyebrow pencil (on occasion), eyeliner, eye pencil, mascara, lip balm and lipstick. Okay, that seems like a lot. Oops! So here are some of my favourites that I use, ranging from luxury make-up to drug store ones.


1. CHANEL Perfection Lumière:

Its fluid, long-lasting, and lightweight. It allows me to cover my marks and matches my skin colour perfectly.



2. MAC Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15:

Not my favourite but this does its work. If you want something less expensive but that has a matte finish and good coverage, go for M.A.C. Personally, the foundation made my face look yellowish and it felt powdery after a while.



1. MAC Powder Blush (Fleur Powder):

This colour gives my face look brighter with its brighter pink tone. The fact that this is a powder blush makes it convenient to put and blend, also letting me remove some with a tissue easily.



2. MAC Powder Blush (Peachykeen):

A slightly dull pink with some sheen, this is my go to colour for the evening.



1. Barry M Radiant Rod Highlighter:

This is so cheap and yet works amazingly well. It’s a highlight in the form of a rod so all I have to do it swipe some on my cheek and blend it a bit.



2. Benefit Cosmetics Watt’s Up:

Love this highlighter because it isn’t as pink as most others and is very subtle, giving a glow and not shine.



Eyebrow Pencil

1. Maybelline Master Shape Brow Pencil:

A wax based pencil with a brush on the other end, this brow pencil is probably the most convenient one I have come across. The only downside is how often it needs to be sharpened.


Eye Liner

1. Inglot Liquid Eyeliner:

A brush based liquid liner, this easily glides over the eye lids and fills in ridges. Considering i am good with brushes, this is easy for my to make winged eyes or cat eyes. I swear by this liner and have been using it since 3 years.


Eye Pencil

1. YSL Beauty Waterproof Eye Pencil:

Been using this since 4 years and I CAN NOT LIVE without this. I can’t deal with eyeliner that isn’t waterproof because I tear up every time I laugh and I laugh a lot.



1. RIMMEL 24 Hour Superlash Curler:

I always have an issue with finding the perfect mascara since I am super scared of using a lash curler. I am pretty impressed by this mascara. Although, it isn’t perfect and won’t give me the lashes I really want, it comes the closest. It definitely doesn’t last 24 hours but it lasts a long night out and thats pretty great.



1. MAC Matte Diva:

Not the biggest fan of lipgloss, I somehow grew a liking to lipstick and this is one of my favourite shades that I started wearing in December 2015.


2. MAC Matte Russian Red:

The only red shade I will survive wearing is this. It’s a bluish red that provides great coverage to the lips.


3. Clinique A Different Grape:

My mom used to use this lip colour for years. This was the first lipstick that I tried and and I fell in love with it. Now, I have my own A Different Grape.







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