Having never been a fan of luxury brands as I always found them to be flashy, I too have now been inclined towards building a wardrobe of luxury clothes and accessories. May it be my Charlotte Simone jacket or Moschino scarf or, even my Ferragamo heels, it all started with the rise of Gucci again in 2015.

Previously, the downfall of Gucci continued until 2015. Several legal battles such as the four year long battle with Guess that it lost and controversies comprising of the model castings held during London Fashion Week put the luxury brand under extreme scrutiny. Eventually, the start of 2015 marked the rise of the new Gucci when the CEO, Patrizio di Marco and the Creative Director, Frida Giannini stepped down. Being one of the most iconic brands in the world, it became necessary to redefine it. Under Alessandro Michele, its new Creative Director, the new Spring/Summer 16 Gucci Garden collection was released and was immediately a hit with everyone belonging to the fashion industry. This collection gained so much popularity that it is still sold in-stores around the world alongside its newer collections. Gucci, at this point, has overtaken Louis Vuitton in sales as well as popularity. Personally, Gucci appeals more to me than the latter due to its more exclusive nature. The LV Neverfull bag is so common and mainstream that the brand value, in my opinion, has diminished.

In comparison to other such brands, Gucci has managed to maintain its position as a luxury brand while yet being very accessible to the common man. Having a vast social media presence and collaborating with art and design graduates from around the world, Michele has managed to recreate the brand by making it more desirable to the youth. Such growth in a brand urged me to fall for the charms of filling my wardrobe with luxury products. While I am still building my Gucci collection, here are my top picks for men and women.



           Source: Washed t-shirt with Gucci Logo                                                                Source: Wool jacket with tiger


          Source: Gucci Jordaan leather loafer                                                                  Source: Ace embroidered sneaker

Source: GG Supreme baseball hat with angry cat



             Source: Lurex blend cardigan with Web                                                                Source: Leather platform sneaker 






               Source: Gucci Nymphaea wallet                                                                            Source: Dionysus jacquard  bag                      

Source: Leather belt with pearl Double G