I interned at a digital marketing company called RED Agency London this summer. My boss, Natasha, is also a jewellery designer and fitness model. Having a wide network in the fitness and fashion industry, she provided me with a variety of opportunities to take up. Along with Eliza of Healthy Living London, I was given the opportunity to attend the boxing event held by Moreno Boxing at their newest branch in Clapham.

Founded by Carlos Moreno, he started training in boxing at the age of 16 and started competing at the mere age of 18. He then started Moreno Boxing as a way to share his knowledge. The very first thing that Moreno stated at the event was that he’d rather we go slow but get our form and technique right. With the increase in commercialisation, his way of teaching was so fresh that I felt very pumped to make the most of this session.

The training was divided into TIB training, followed by IBXT. The former is Technical Intensive Boxing in which we each picked a partner and followed a drill. We started by learning the correct stance and footwork, followed by basic punches like jab and hook. IBXT is Intensive Boxing Cross Training. The other 40 mins of the session was like cross fit, comprising of kettle bells, battle ropes, weights, sprinting, skipping, etc.

I think this event gave me my first go at boxing and I definitely intend on taking it up in the near future. I probably wouldn’t have survived the event without the extra push that Moreno gave us to motivate us to not give up and the tiny words of encouragement from my colleague and friend, Chiara.