Sorry to disappoint, but I am not the biggest fan of the Sex and the City movie series and I definitely do not admire Carrie Bradshaw. But lets ignore the unrealistic storyline for now and concentrate on the hoo-ha created over the style of the characters in the movie.

While most of the apparently memorable outfits worn by the characters in the movie are over the top, they are also extremely inappropriate for the circumstances. While common media has glorified each character as a fashionista, especially Bradshaw, I fail to  understand why Sarah Jessica Parker is also considered to be a fashion icon.

While I shall admit that the film characters have promoted dressing unconventionally, it is heart breaking to see so many young girls idolising Bradshaw and her friends considering they seem to live in their own bubble. They do not seem to realise there is more to life than having the perfect body and a young face, designer clothes and movie premiers and, of course, men.

It is intriguing how everyone pretends that Carrie Bradshaw’s style is so creative and bold, when in reality, it seems like she has raided a costume store and mixed and matched outfits to make them look just slightly presentable. Bradshaw’s outfits in the second movie were outrageous, especially considering the location, Abu Dhabi. I can not imagine a woman dressing in this way on a daily basis even in London. You’d probably see some such daring outfits in Fashion Week street style photos. While she prances around in luxury stores around New York, it is impossible for me to actually imagine Bradhsaw wearing any of the stuff she seems to have bought from the stores.

Sex and the City takes the whole ‘the world is your runway’ in the extreme literal sense, probably disappointing more fashion enthusiasts than expected. If you’re up for over the top fashion styled beautifully but unnecessarily dramatised in order to express the characters, you probably love the movies and are a Carrie Bradshaw devotee. But let us be real, you may worship her style but the possibility of you actually dressing the same way and walking on the streets of your city is only going to turn heads for the wrong reason.

Sarah Jessica Parker in character as Carrie Bradshaw on the film set of ‘Sex and the City: The Movie’ New York City, USA – 21.09.07
Credit: (Mandatory): Anthony Dixon WENN.   Source: POPSUGAR Fashion

Characters in Abu Dhabi in the second Sex and the City movie. Source: E! News