Gone are the days when the hottest trend would dominate the streets of Paris and Milan. Runway shows are no longer viewed with the same intrigue and fascination as they once were. The fashion consumer has evolved and become more aware of his choices and its impact on the world. Fast fashion is a thing of the past. The newest trend? Conscious fashion. If you don’t already know what that is, don’t worry. I am here to bring you up to speed!

Eco-fashion, sustainability, ethical and conscious fashion are all words that have been plastered on every fashion blog, magazine and podcast. But do you know what they actually mean? The fashion and textile supply chain is a much larger cycle than the regular consumer could imagine. To name a few, fabric manufacture, garment production, transport, packaging, retail and consumption are all a part of this process. You’d think it takes months to prepare fashion with such a long process. However, brands like Zara have made it possible to introduce new collections every two weeks. That, my friends, was the birth of fast fashion.

Have you considered that each part of the supply chain has its own impact on the environment? Now, add a sustainable philosophy to at least one of these steps and there, you have it! That is what makes fashion sustainable – an effort to reduce the human impact on our already suffering world. *don’t mind the dramatics please

Transeasonal dressing does not have to be tricky. This season, don’t go broke and only use the staples you already have in your closet.

That is sustainability in a nutshell. So what next? It’s your turn to do your part. You have to ask the difficult questions; the questions you may not care much about! From who made your outfits to what fabric it is and where it is sourced from. Any little information can help you choose a brand and product wisely. Don’t worry, I know we humans are innately selfish and our desire to shop for the trendiest or the coolest ‘it’ pieces is not going to disappear. Candidly speaking, it’s the same for me. My suggestion? Fill your wardrobe with pieces that stand the test of time.

conscious fashion

How to make conscious fashion choices?

Sustainability is not just for the privileged. You will be surprised by how anyone can be more mindful of their purchase decisions and wastage of clothes. Follow my steps below!

  1. Shop from sustainable or slow fashion brands, may it be fashion, homewear or startups. Some of my favourites are Summer Somewhere, Sézane, Reformation and The Future Kept.
  2. Don’t waste, just upcycle! Give your clothes new life by bleaching, tie dyeing or completely transforming the piece. Convert jeans to shorts, t-shirts to crop tops and used fabrics to travel pouches.
  3. Shop from thrift stores. Thrifting is so underrated and you never know, you may just find a designer piece at a fraction of the price at Zara.
  4. Build a timeless wardrobe. Still want to shop from your fast fashion brands? Only buy good quality and classic pieces such as a denim jacket, a crisp white shirt and straight jeans. The key is to buy pieces that you can style in at least 10 unique ways.
  5. Isn’t it obvious? Don’t shop. We often desire materialistic things but do we need them? Mostly, no. Leave that item in you shopping bag for three days and if it is still on your mind, only then you can go ahead on swipe your card. If you save a little money, thank me.

Comment with your favourite slow fashion brands and thrift shops!