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Those eye bags and dark circles making you feel blue? Well, I have got something amazing for you! With long working weeks and late nights every weekend, I rarely get time to pay attention to my under eyes. But lately, I have been so conscious of my dark circles that I decided to take a step towards showing some love and care to my under eyes. Here is where the Shangpree Marine Energy Eye Mask enters, one of my few Korean beauty products.

Technically an anti-aging formula, this eye mask is enriched with antioxidant-rich Algae, Spirulina, and Chondrus crispus. I sure did my research to share the purpose of these ingredients. Spirulina is rich in proteins, vitamins, fatty and amino acids, reducing inflammation and makes the skin look toned, youthful and vital. Chondrus crispus is essentially a seaweed that is a skin conditioning agent, protecting your under eyes from drying out.

If you are like me, always taking care of your facial skin but neglecting the more delicate areas, this one is definitely for you! I waited until I used the product thrice, once every week, until I wrote this review. The first time, I did not see much of a difference but it did feel refreshing. The second and third time round, I felt the little puffiness and lines under my eyes reducing.

What I have understood now is that no mask is enough unless you drink loads of water and sleep at least six to seven hours every night. But, I certainly can’t wait to keep using this eye mask to see the difference it makes over a longer period. Trust me, you won’t regret it either!