edie-andy-3Becoming a style icon was very accidental for her. Edie was wealthy, had
connections to upper class people and a very attractive physical appearance. Often remembered as Andy Warhol’s muse, I personally believe that she was an asset to him that introduced him tohis fame and not the other way around. However, working with him did bring her style into the lime light, with her perfectly done winged eyes and tights that flattered every curve in her body.

Being a jazzedie ballet dancer, she was found in tights. After Vogue photographed her in them, it became a trend then. She began wearing tights outside the studio, with a mini dress and ballet flats. Opaque black stockings were her absolute favourite.

Boat neck t-shirts, preferably in horizontal stripes, were her stable. She paired them with her stockings.

Edie took 3 hours just to do her eye make up. I certainly am not going to ask you to do that considering I get ready in no more than 30 minutes but you can easily do the winged liner she does in 3 minutes.

Edie loved to wear long earring that would dangle and draw attention to her face. They reached till her shoulders and were hard to find then. You will easily find such earring at Tophop or Accessorize.

She completed her outfit with hats and edie-andycoats. She loved berets the most, may it be in prints or block coloured. Her coats were generally of fur.

This dead starlet lost the limelight to drugs, unfortunately, but she brought in so many trends tat still exist. I admire her most for the very punk rock style, which was clearly visible when she cut her long brown hair short and died it to blonde. Edie Sedgwick’s style was very snappy and different in her time, making me love her style althemore.