If you enjoy your first meal of the day, you’d love these brunch spots that I discovered in Mumbai. Three years in London ensured that I joined the brunch club, making it my favourite meal of the day. After moving back last August, I set myself a mission to find the best brunch restaurants and cafes this city has to offer. From having the best hangover cures to healthy meals to your favourite cheat day meals, I have got you covered with my top brunch spots that should not be missed.


Probably the most mainstream place on all our lists, this place became popular primarily due to the celeb spotting. I must admit I am not a regular here but Bastian made it to the list because of it’s bowls. With food that is bound to please the soul, this place has options to switch out the regular rice in the bowls with cauliflower rice that I absolutely loved. Would definitely recommend the chicken teriyaki bowl and a dessert to balance out the healthiness.


For the days I crave the classic eggs royale and for the days I just want to be healthy but still indulge a bit in gluten-free pancakes, Smoke House Deli is my number one choice. With chic interiors and cute tables, you get your Insta opportunity for the perfect brunch picture!


Seven Kitchens is most popular for it’s Sunday brunch buffets. However, try the a-la-carte menu here and find the best food options. The Swiss chicken burger is must and the lemon cheesecake is the worth the calories. Always ready to eat here on my cheat day without feeling like I actually cheated! Anyone wants to join me?


A health food cafe, Sequel has the best smoothies this city has seen. With a variety of options of smoothies, cold pressed juices and organic wines, a must try is the avocado sunshine. The avocados topped with the perfect sunny side up certainly makes the tummy happy and full. All the vegan and gluten free options to choose from makes you a regular in no time!