00520mThe Fall 2006 show called ‘Widows of Culloden’ was McQueen’s breakthrough back into the fashion world as a top designer as he experimented with art and technology both, much after his last remembered Spring 2000 show. Alexander McQueen was inspired by Victorian styles of padded shoulders, high necks and ruffles, turning his pieces into fantastical fashion. He took inspiration from European culture, starting from the Scottish tartan checks and pairing them with fur and leather to bring back fashion from different eras together on the runway. His adaptation from the pro-Raphaelite paintings can be seen in the prints, embroidery and beadwork of the dresses. The highlight of the show was the ghostly hologram of Kate Moss, made by Baillie Walsh and art-directed by McQueen, using keystoning and distortion to trick the eye to see it in the pyramid. He created such theatre on a  runway with such scale, ambition and experimentation that he is admired by me for his remarkable sense of creativity not only in his designs but also in the integrities of his fashion shows and other aspects of the fashion world.

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