So Halloween didn’t go as planned. My cupboard, filled with dark colours, gave me the most cliched ideas for a costume, unfortunately. Let’s just say I was disappointed with my first halloween.

Initially, I thought of being a ringmaster. Finally, I came up with a list of all black, grey and white costumes. Vampire, Black Widow (the Marvel character), a referee, a black cat(that is embarrassingly mainstream) and a burglar. Eventually, I decided to dress as Nicki Minaj (there is some high school history to this but let’s leave that for now).

There comes in the super bass video. I was going to dress like that. Pink wig. Check. White singlet. Check. Lime green bra. Check. Denim shorts. Traded for a leather skirt. Eventually, the outfit turned out to be a disaster and I tried on other clothes. As the night went on,
I changed my outfit 4 times.

By the time I left my accommodation in London, my wig was off and my hair was piled up in a hair stocking and pins. Trying to look like Nicki Minaj was an absolutely ridiculous idea since I came no where close to it. I ended up looking more like myself than Nicki Minaj. A friend just called me ‘Nishi’ Minaj!



Taking the tube, my friends and I reached the club we were meant to go to but the queue was extremely long and Piccadilly Circus was crowded. What I found fascinating, was the different Halloween costumes I saw people in. I wish I was as creative as them with my costume. Finally we ended up at Queen of Hoxton and the entire Halloween theme was fabulous but the music did disappoint me. Getting pizza and cheese fries at the end of the night at 2.30 am was probably the highlight of this evening.

Oh wait, I forgot to mention that I misplaced the wig and people liked the fact that I misplaced it. WORST FIRST HALLOWEEN!